Treat Your Channel Partners like Your Customers

Channel Partner Quote

Treat your channel partners like your customers! If you make them successful, they will make you successful, too.

In brief:

If you want to successfully work with channel partners, you need to understand why they could be interested in helping you distribute your products.

They will be interested if they see significant value for themselves in working with you. Otherwise, they will not care at all. That’s business. For example, I have seen founders who negotiated extremely hard with potential channel partners in order to get the most favorable terms for themselves. They negotiated terms that looked nice on paper for them but removed any significant incentive for the channel partners to actually help distribute the products. You need to create win-win situations if you want to work successfully with channel partners. 

Therefore, do not only put yourself in the shoes of your key target customers but also in the shoes of your channel partners. Only if you understand and meet their interests you can be successful yourself. First the customer, then the channel partners, only then think of yourself and what you can get from it. As soon as the channel works, the rest will follow naturally.