The No. 1 Bestselling Growth Handbook For Founders

There is a graveyard full of startups that did not manage to get from initial traction to sustainable high growth. 

Many of the founders tried to sprint through the growth valley of death by focusing solely on top line growth.

But until you reach a strategic inflection point where you need to prioritize speed over efficiency, you can pursue the FastScaling approach to growth described in this book.

If you FastScale, you scale your business fast, predictably and efficiently on the basis of a solid high growth foundation. It may take you a bit longer to create a massively valuable business. But the probability that you succeed is significantly higher. 

If you are a founder or an aspiring founder, reading this book will enable you to become a successful high growth leader. A strong leader who pursues a smart growth strategy and focuses relentlessly on execution.

In this growth handbook for founders, you may find your smart path to building a massively valuable business.