Growing Cash Efficiently

Growing Efficiently



Predictable revenue. Great! But FastScaling is not only about generating high growth and building massively valuable businesses. FastScaling is also about pursuing a smart path to building a massively valuable business. FastScaling enables you to achieve both high growth and a massive valuation with less founder dilution on the way. 

Accelerating growth after having established the FastScaling foundation already leads to more efficient growth and less cash need. Focusing on customer success and running a diligent revenue, cost, and cash flow prediction process will further positively impact your cash need. You already scale more efficiently than companies pursuing more aggressive approaches to growth. 

But you can do even better if you also avoid some typical mistakes founders make, especially after they have raised growth capital. Some founders overspend on customer acquisition and do not find the right balance between growth and cash burn, hire too many employees too fast, or create unnecessary complexity that eventually leads to inefficient growth. Complexity is a growth killer

In my book FastScaling, I explain how you can grow your business cash efficiently and how to measure your growth efficiency.


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