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FastScaling: A High Growth Handbook for Founders
FastScaling: A High Growth Handbook for Founders

The No. 1 Bestselling Growth Handbook For Founders

High Growth Handbook for Founders


Are you looking for a growth handbook for founders? A startup framework that enables you to scale your business in a fast and smart manner? Then this high growth handbook is for you.

In fact, there is a graveyard full of startups that did not manage to get from initial traction to sustainable high growth. Many of the founders tried to sprint through the growth valley of death by focusing solely on top line growth. But until you reach a strategic inflection point where you need to prioritize speed over efficiency, you can pursue the FastScaling approach to growth described in this founder book.

You lead and scale your business fast, predictably and efficiently on the basis of a solid high growth foundation. If you FastScale, it may take you a bit longer to create a massively valuable business. But the probability that you succeed is significantly higher.

If you are a founder, an aspiring founder or in a startup leadership position, reading this book will enable you to become a successful high growth leader. A strong and effective leader who pursues a smart growth strategy and focuses relentlessly on execution. In this growth handbook for founders, you may find your smart path to building a massively valuable business.


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"Exactly the book I needed to read right now. The content facilitated my decision to scale and which growth strategy to pursue. I now have a clear view of how aggressive I should be and what this means in terms of cash burn. Balancing growth and cash burn feels a lot easier now."

"Finally someone who not only advocates blitzscaling and top line growth but provides me with a systematic and smart approach to growing my business. I can only recommend this book."

"Comprehensive yet detailed, Patrick Flesner has written a practical guidebook for the aspiring tech entrepreneur. In it, he clearly lays out the path and checkmarks for a rapid yet sustainable growth trajectory. With 14 years in SaaS / Tech growth functions, I can only testify his account on common pitfalls and what it takes to drive sustainable growth. Required reading for high growth executives, staff and investors alike."

"FastScaling is a great Book, that provides you with fast, and smart approach to growing your business. Therefore it explains systematically how cross-functional expertise and a smart strategy leads to building massively valuable businesses. I recommend this book to every founder!"

"Llevo 6 años dirigiendo mi empresa y desearía tener este libro cuando empezamos. Este libro es una lectura obligada para cualquier emprendedor, ya sea que esté comenzando o haya estado en el negocio durante años."

"Fastscalling est un très bon outil de management. Aussi utile pour ceux qui montent leur première startup que ceux qui se lancent dans une deuxième/troisième aventure."

Leadership Guide to Leading with Ease
Leadership Guide to Leading with Ease

A Leadership Guide to Leading with Ease

In this leadership guide, Flesner sweeps away the myths surrounding leadership and lays out the essential steps to effective leadership. Flesner provides a systematic guide to learning, developing, and applying leadership skills and becoming an effective leader who successfully climbs the leadership ladder and leads with ease. This book stands out because of its powerful frameworks you can follow and apply on your leadership path. Every day.

A Leadership Story About the Challenging Path to becoming and effective Leader

In this inspiring tale, Patrick shares the enthralling story of a startup founder who must learn how to lead effectively in order to make the leap from founder to leader. But this leadership book is not only for founders. The obstacles the hero in this story must overcome are the same challenges all leaders face.

Wherever you are on your particular walk of life, in your career, and in your organization, this book is for you. The Leadership House framework will help you develop the skills and form the habits you need to successfully lead people, groups, and organizations, and will enable you to become exactly what you want to be: a highly effective leader who leads with ease.