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Product/Market Fit - Relevant at any and all Times
Generating product/market fit is not only relevant when you start a venture. It remains relevant at any and all times, particularly if you want to accelerate growth. Growth acceleration often comes hand in hand with expanding your product offering, penetrating new markets, or selling to new customer segments. In all these situations, you need to generate product/market fit before you invest heavily in the distribution of your products and services.

Growing Cash Efficiently
Predictable revenue. Great! But FastScaling is not only about generating high growth and building massively valuable businesses. FastScaling is also about pursuing a smart path to building a massively valuable business. FastScaling enables you to achieve both high growth and a massive valuation with less founder dilution on the way.

Predictable Revenue
You do not impress investors if you close a big deal every once in a while. It is predictability and your ability to create a constantly running growth engine that impresses them. Predictable revenue is not the result of simply adding marketing and sales resources. Predictable revenue is the result of a thorough and company-wide prediction process.

Have the Patience to Develop Strong Unit Economics
The unit economics concept is a powerful tool that helps you better understand whether you pursue a viable business model. By deconstructing the unit economics and focusing on improving all underlying variables, you can also steer your business towards high growth readiness. Have the patience to develop strong unit economics. It will eventually pay off and pave the path to sustainable high growth.

Product/Market Fit Is Not the Only Thing That Matters
Product/Market fit is by no means all that matters!

FastScaling - The Definition
FastScaling - On the basis of a relentless and company-wide focus on customer success, product/market-fit, product/channel-fit, strong unit economics, and a scalable technology infrastructure, efficiently and predictably leading and scaling a business fast towards market leadership in a large market.

Customer Success - Your Company-wide North Star
A relentless focus on customer success usually leads to strong unit economics, a shorter payback period and high and very efficient growth. But customer success needs to be more than lip service. Walk the talk!

Treat Your Channel Partners like Your Customers
If you want to work successfully with channel partners, you need to understand why they could be interested in helping you distribute your products. They will be interested if they see significant value for themselves in working with you. Otherwise, they will not care at all. That’s business.

Thoroughly Analyze the Size of Your Target Market
Many founders believe their target market is larger than it actually is. Thoroughly analyze the size of your target market. Make sure it is large enough and that market dynamics support your high growth plan.

Make Scalability a Priority from Day One
You should succeed or fail based on the viability of your business model. You should excel if you have generated product/market fit and product/channel fit. If revenue soars, you should not eventually fail because your technology infrastructure cannot cope with the in-creased traffic and usage that comes with high growth. This is why establishing a scalable technology infrastructure is one of the five building blocks characterizing a solid FastScaling foundation.

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