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Achieving high growth and predictable revenues is challenging, and founders will encounter many obstacles on their way. A high-functioning board of directors can help founders overcome these obstacles like a low-functioning Board can worsen the situation. In this article, I provide some guidelines as to how to develop a high-functioning Board.

Founders want to win big markets, disrupt industries, create new digital business models, build competitive moats and change the way business is done. In today’s highly competitive markets, founders are very often required to lead their teams to hight growth and to generate predictable revenues. But entering a high growth phase comes with a lot of challenges and generating predictable revenues is often easier said than done. In this article, I elaborate on how to structure the organisation.

There are some overarching aspects that founders should consider when establishing a venture capital pitch deck. In this article, I want to share - as stage-agnostic as possible - my personal view on what should be reflected in a compelling venture capital pitch deck so that the content is relevant for all founders.