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FastScaling - Published
My book FastScaling has been launched. It is supposed to help founders and aspiring founders get through the growth valley of death and from initial traction to sustainable high growth. This growth handbook for founders shows a smart path to building massively valuable businesses.

FastScaling - The Definition
FastScaling - On the basis of a relentless and company-wide focus on customer success, product/market-fit, product/channel-fit, strong unit economics, and a scalable technology infrastructure, efficiently and predictably leading and scaling a business fast towards market leadership in a large market.

Customer Success - Your Company-wide North Star
A relentless focus on customer success usually leads to strong unit economics, a shorter payback period and high and very efficient growth. But customer success needs to be more than lip service. Walk the talk!

With a company-wide focus on customer success you can achieve your growth and exit valuation goals. If you make your customers incredibly successful, they will churn less, buy more and spread the word. Referrals will further reduce customer acquisition costs and CAC payback period. You recoup your investments quicker and can reinvest the money in order to further fuel your growth engine. A virtuous cycle!